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Why Moms Love FMC

This is an App where the criteria for admission is Mommyhood :)

  • Connect with moms like you

    Connect and communicate with women all over the world knowing that we’re all in this transformational journey together. FMC recognizes that while motherhood is a hugely important role, there’s a lot more to us and our roles as professionals, wives, daughters and friends and they are just as important.

  • Seek Opinion & Advice

    We’re all trying to be the best we can. Since 2010, FMC has been helping moms help one another by getting answers and opinions to their questions without the fear of being judged or labelled ‘not good enough’.

  • Share humour

    FMC prides itself in helping moms take themselves less seriously and enjoy their motherhood journeys. Life’s tough enough as it is – you don’t need another forum coaching you to become ‘mother superior’. Sometimes you want to share a laugh with fellow mommies, on other occasions you want to get something off your chest and do so anonymously.

  • Share Experiences

    Share your journeys with others in the same boat. Learn from each other as our members have been doing, and share bonds with women like you wherever in the world they might be.

Getting started with FMC

Our Wall

Start a conversation, ask questions, comment & post pics

Ruchita Rambles

A few of Ruchita’s (founder FMC and chief villain!) best blogs over the years

B*tch corner

Conversations without names. Sensitive questions or posts, plain gossip and everything else. Fun is what you can expect here


Getting started with a little bit about yourself, interests, your choice of anonymous avataar & your kids

The FMC Story

First Moms Club (FMC) started as a Facebook group, aimed at connecting Indian mothers across the world, to share the joys & pains of motherhood. FMC recognizes that there's a lot more to a woman that just raising her children. She plays several roles – mother, daughter, wife, friend & often professional; that She & other mothers like her are all in this TOGETHER.

  • Connect mothers from all over the world so that they can share experiences.
  • Seek Opinion & Advice from one another, anonymously if they prefer.
  • Share humour to reduce the stress of coping with life.

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